We Care About Keeping Our Oceans Free From Pollution & Protecting Sea Animals From Extinction

We dream that everyone can find their own Calamana. A safe haven where you can relax, enjoy the peace of nature and be in harmony with the beings that live there. But our oceans are in danger because of the pollution caused by humans. We believe that it is our duty as humans to clean up the mess we have made. To protect our oceans and the animals which live in them.

Therefore we are giving away 1% of our global sales revenue at Calamana to the following causes:

The Ocean Cleanup

Over 5 trillion pieces of plastic are currently polluting our oceans.

The Ocean Cleanup is developing technology to clean our oceans from plastic using natural oceanic forces to make it cost efficient. They have developed solutions for collecting plastic from oceans and rivers. Their goal is to clean up 90% of the plastic that gets released into the ocean.

This video explains how their technology works.

You can read more about the Ocean Cleanup North Pacific Foundation on their website. 

World Wildlife Fund

Half of the ocean’s coral reefs and mangroves are gone, plastic is polluting our oceans and fish and sea animals are threatened by extinction as a result of overfishing.

The World Wildlife Fund works to protect our environment. This includes cleaning our oceans from pollution and saving endangered animals that are threatened by extinction such as the Hawksbille Turtle and Vaquita

You can read more about the World Wildlife Fund and how they work to protect our oceans on their website. 

Sea Turtle Conservancy

Only 1 in 1000 - 10 000 Sea Turtles make it into adulthood.

Turtles have natural enemies, but humans are the real reason for why populations have fallen to critical levels over the last decades. There are 7 species of Sea Turtles and they are all facing extinction unless we do something about it. This is what the Sea Turtle Conservancy is working towards saving them. You can read more about Sea Turtles here.

You can learn more about the Sea Turtle Conservancy on their website

Oceanic Preservation Society

The Oceanic Preservation Society creates films that expose how our oceans and the animals living in them are being hurt and exploited. Their missions is to inspire people to take action to preserve our oceans and play an important part in raising awareness about the need to save our oceans. You can watch trailers below: 

You can read more about the Oceanic Preservation Society on their website. 

The Ocean Foundation

The Ocean Foundation (TOF) works to preserve the oceans from destruction. They do so by providing training, funds and support to causes that need help the most. They work on projects such as the:

  • Sustainable Aquaculture: 42% of the seafood we consume is farmed. Currently there no regulations on what constitutes “good” aquaculture and this is something that is crucial to define.
  • International Ocean Acidification Initiative: Developing equipment to help monitor the levels of acid in the oceans, which has risen 30% over the last 200 years.
  • Redesigning Plastics Initiative: The oceans are filling up with plastic waste. It is necessary that we re-engineer, re-design and re-think how plastic is made, used and disposed of to preserve our oceans.

You can read more about The Ocean Foundation on their website.