It all started with the sea...

Calamana is the story of two best friends who grew up together in a small, suburban town. Every summer, their families would take them to holiday together at the same tiny beach.

By the time they were twelve, they knew that beach like the back of their hands. But beaches always have their secrets – and this one was no different. One day, they stumbled across a hidden corridor in the rocks down by the waves. They made their way through it… and emerged into Calamana Cove. Calamana was the perfect beach. From the sunlight glittering off the tranquil waters, to the white rocks gently sloping into the sand: it was a place of pure peace. They decided that Calamana would be their secret – and they vowed never to forget it.

But life, of course, got in the way. As they grew up, the pressures of school, work, and the world of the city caught up with them. They forgot all about Calamana. Until one day, when everything seemed to be going so wrong, they had to get away. They took a trip back to their childhood holiday home – and rediscovered Calamana.

Standing in the hidden cove, they were filled once again by the beauty of the ocean. Looking out on the waves, they felt free. And they realised that they needed to find a way to carry this feeling with them always.

They started making small charms inspired by, and named after, their favourite place. A few friends started asking for them. Then some more people wanted to buy them. Soon, the two friends found themselves running a full-time business, providing people with jewels of the sea.

But it wasn’t enough just to be inspired by Calamana: they had to give something back to it too. They decided a percentage of their profits would go towards ocean conservation charities – protecting the place they loved so much.

Now, Calamana is a brand that brings people together all over the world, in pursuit of peace and better, cleaner oceans. There’s a tribe of women who wear Calamana’s unique designs to express their support for the ocean – and to help them re-connect to the wild spirit of the sea.

And the childhood friends? Well, they still return to Calamana, at least once a year – only it’s not a secret anymore. It’s for everyone to share.